Dan Ariely speaking at one of our 2016 events


human social dynamics in the wild


In situ sensors

We maintain our physical spaces as platforms. Run your experiment in our observatory. This includes the use of passive sensors and human confederates.

open data & citizen science

Our in house data privacy expert builds custom solutions for our open data policy, in order to maximize how the public can engage with these findings and future experiments.


Taking out findings into praxis: We are partnered with Cognitive Liberty Labs - a organization that aims to use the data we find to craft new technology and social constructs that advance freedom of attention.

modular toolkits

Online and offline  surveys gather subjective data from participants. We create modular survey components based on well validated scales so that anyone can build a custom survey for their own social experiments. This not only makes our approach scalable, but also ensures that incoming data from a range of sources is in a comparable format for large scale across site studies.

Open IRB

An accessible ethics review service for in-situ, amateur and non-institutionalized human social science.