human social dynamics in the wild


Ob·serv·a·to·ry. noun. Infrastructure housing scientific equipment for the study of natural phenomena

Social Observatory: A controlled environment offering infrastructure, tools and services to study human social dynamics in the wild.

What is a Social Observatory?

The human species needs to understand the forces that drive and modulate behavior if we are to stand a chance of designing society 2.0, a society that amplifies and supports prosocial human behavior, agency, participation that can safety steward this planet. To this end the Social Observatory is a shared resource for the scientific community, for the study of human social behaviour.

Our hypothesis

  • That human social behaviour is largely context dependant, and altered contexts can generate vastly different forms of group dynamics to those that are commonly observed.

  • That social connection drives human well being.

  • That the study of humans in the wild will inform different ways of being that can better serve the species and the planet.